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1909 год. Грунт откинули обычной лопатой ...

Оригинал взят у bskamalov в 1909 год. Грунт откинули обычной лопатой ...

Digging for dinosaurs at Tendaguru Hill. View of a skeleton of Brachiosaurus brancai which was unearthed from the Upper Dinosaur Member in June 1909.

Palaeontology assistant and student Mainbayar Buuvei excavates a dinosaur fossil

Each year the winds and sandstorms scour off the surface rocks, exposing a new layer of fossils. This means there are constantly new things to find, but also anything left on the surface is likely to have disintegrated and blown away by the following summer.
All of us Australians on the dig were astounded at the fossils we left behind in the Gobi. At some of the sites we were literally tripping over pieces of herbivorous hadrosaurs - the kind of fossils experts can only dream of finding in Australia, where any small piece of dinosaur is a hard-won treasure.

Подул ветер  чуток сильнее и ... обнажились кости динозавров.
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promo shahtara march 31, 2017 09:01 101
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А весна-то всё-таки пришла ! А это вроде гладиолусы полезли Почки на смородине вот вот распустятся ) Скоро всё зацветёт )
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